Teansformer UPS

Transformer UPS

Genius 6-40 KVA

High reliability design

  • Double Conversion on-line design, which makes the output a pure sine wave source with tracking frequency, phase-lock and voltage regulation, noise suppression, and without power fluctuation interference, providing the load with more comprehensive protection
  • Zero transfer time of output, satisfies high standard power requirement of precision equipment
  • Modular design and dual-CPU control, high reliability and stability ensure the safe operation and high efficiency

High reliability during operation

  • Pure online static bypass technology, provides a strong protection against overload and fault
  • Built-in manual maintenance bypass, further improves the reliability of continuous operation

Genius 10-800 KVA

  • Online double conversion
  • Full DSP Control
  • High power factor
  • Wide input adaptability (380Va/400Vac/415Vac) (-25%/+20%)
  • N+X parallel redundancy
  • Strong overload capability
  • Generator mode
  • Multi-Protection
  • User-friendly network management
  • EPO Function
  • Optimized battery management

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